Cupid Hates Me ✔

Cupid Hates Me ✔

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Sixteen-year-old Rebecca Smith falls for an online friend. There's just one problem: He's four years older than her and probably sees her as just a friend. 

"You know what? I blame Cupid. Why did that diapered little man have to come along now and hit me with that stupid arrow? He could've hit me at least five years later or something! Or he could've hit Jake as well. That way, things might've been less complicated.

Gah. How typical of me. I'm blaming my problems on an imaginary character."


kaddywatty kaddywatty May 17
What is the band that sings this called? I need this song on my phone
crumbflower crumbflower Feb 11
I am rereading this book, even though I read it about a week ago.
It's not that big of an age gap you just can't be super intimate like sex and stuff until you're 18, but people wait till marriage allllll the time and that's kinda a good thing to do
amarawrrr amarawrrr Aug 09, 2012
                              So far I don't have anything to comment on except how CUTE AND SWEET THAT WAS =P
HarpyDumbledore HarpyDumbledore Aug 06, 2012
This story is soooooooooo CUTE!!! <3 So very well written and made me go "aww" in all the right places
                              ;) a definite keeper
Maxxeey Maxxeey Jul 24, 2012
Great detail! The feel of tile on your feet was good. Keep it up!