Merged Worlds  (Book 1) [Editing]

Merged Worlds (Book 1) [Editing]

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Luna By Flaming-Darkness Completed

The five heroes. They all have their story ending but what if their stories continue...together?

They have their lives. Elsa is unhappy. Merida frustrated. Jack is bored. Rapunzel's free. Hiccup is no longer underestimated.

But what if Manny decides to bring them together? 

Will they fall in love? 

Even if some of them are from the past? 

Will the new guardians except their challenge?

Pitch is back. But this time his stronger... along with a few nightmares from the heroes haunting past. 

He knows their secrets...and their feelings for each other.

Will he use it to hes advantage?

Do they have why it takes to accept love and defeat fear?

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I agree with Elsa. She's the coolest character . Filled by Merida and Rapunzel.
_midnighttrain _midnighttrain Dec 27, 2017
Sounds like that time I fangirled over something  wait that’s every day
ElisifSmith ElisifSmith Nov 10, 2017
I think it's more romantic if fire became with ice.. idk, opposites I guess
ClydeSkittles ClydeSkittles Oct 30, 2017
I feel to old for this, but this is so interesting omg 👍🏼
itslondon33 itslondon33 Sep 21, 2017
This sounds hella promising also Jack frost is Cute. Waiting on any type of ship action beyond Frostbite.
                               Elsa doesn't deserve my child.
If you live in Hawaii you would choose winter over summer and that's what I choose