Merged Worlds  (Book 1) [Editing]

Merged Worlds (Book 1) [Editing]

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Luna By Flaming-Darkness Completed

The five heroes. They all have their story ending but what if their stories continue...together?

They have their lives. Elsa is unhappy. Merida frustrated. Jack is bored. Rapunzel's free. Hiccup is no longer underestimated.

But what if Manny decides to bring them together? 

Will they fall in love? 

Even if some of them are from the past? 

Will the new guardians except their challenge?

Pitch is back. But this time his stronger... along with a few nightmares from the heroes haunting past. 

He knows their secrets...and their feelings for each other.

Will he use it to hes advantage?

Do they have why it takes to accept love and defeat fear?

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This me and my sister she's blonde I'm a redhead she's older I'm younger and I talk a lot (if I'm comfortable around the person)
bïtch, if my friend had powers I would be all over you like, holy shït YOU CAN SHOOT ICE
Well........ you did. If you call your sister a ice cube.....
58chonces 58chonces Jul 10
Sorta annoyed cause liek Ha I ship jack n repunzle but it is what it is
Everyone is like “MANNY”
                              And I’m like scared of asking who he is
Jared_pjm Jared_pjm Jul 17
I saw the 11 comments and I was all, “Do I wanna day something here?”