Beyond Her Final Breath (Book 1- Shadowland Duology) | Wattys2015

Beyond Her Final Breath (Book 1- Shadowland Duology) | Wattys2015

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What if our lives were controlled by a clock, ticking down until our lives ran out? In Evelyn Rose's world, everyone is given a certain amount of time, all measured by the clock, but there will always be flaws in the system. Those who die at the hands of another flaw it. Their souls are stuck in the world until they can take revenge on their killer, punishing them for tampering with the laws of fate. 

Evelyn is one of those murdered souls. She wakes in a graveyard, remembering nothing except she was instructed to find and kill her killer. Lost and confused, she meets a boy who claims to know her.  The memories he stirs up may be the pieces Evelyn needs to complete her puzzle.

Cover by @_MayTijssen

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