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Your love, killed me. 


[ Watty Awards 2012! ]

Short yet so beautifully written. I could feel the emotions poured in it . Every single word was meaningful. I love it:)
This is soooo sad! Thing is, I know that it happens and it just makes me want to cry!
                              Your story is amazing, yet small and full of meaning!
This short story is amazing, there was so much feeling into it. The details, in my opinion, made you feel like you were that one person in the corner seeing everything happen but can't do anything about what is going to happen next. Beautifully written. Also I LOVE EMINEM'S MUSIC!!! ❤️
food--lover food--lover Sep 06
i've had this idea for a story for a long time. its not romance or anything but im scared to right it i guess. im only 13 and im kinda scared at wht people will say. and ik u probably wont see this  or anything but ur book (tbbc&m) was the first to read on wattpad o ur kinda a person i look upto..
BaeVersace BaeVersace Jul 21
If he finds pleasure in hurting people, he should really go ahead and punch himself in the face. He deserves it.
This but weirdly reminds me of the movie inception. Just me then dunno