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Your love, killed me. 


[ Watty Awards 2012! ]

danaattallah danaattallah Aug 20, 2017
This is the second story I read from u and i'm so in love with your stories I swear i'm so thankful that I followed u and i'm gonna read more duh 🙄❤️
BhadBhabie_Ariii BhadBhabie_Ariii Jun 16, 2017
Do what Madea taught women with man issues...Coom the grits and hit him with the pan ANd then grits when they hit and scorching....Never Again Nigga
Rheya_bookworm Rheya_bookworm Oct 21, 2017
I watched a movie yesterday about a lady who just lets her husband got her and while watching that part I'm thinking 'bitch grow a pair of balls and slap hima already'
whoeffingcaresss whoeffingcaresss May 07, 2017
Omg.. I read this many times. Still makes my heart heavy. :'(
Maebird1 Maebird1 Feb 04, 2017
Oh. My. God. This is amazing, beautifully written, sad, heartbreaking, and poetic all at the same time
rebelliousoreo rebelliousoreo Nov 07, 2016
I just had a really depressing thought that this is the outcome of Reece and Chloe's relationship😥😥😥😥