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SetsunaSaruhiko By SetsunaSaruhiko Updated Apr 02, 2014

Lucy and Gray were only friends before when they go into their job.

Lucy have feelings to Gray but she don't want to get fall in love with Gray. But Lucy didn't know that Gray was falling in love with her too.

But Gray can't go out of Juvia's sight and he can't even talk to Lucy.And Lucy's problem is Loke/Leo because he keeps showing everytime.When they are not in thier job.

But their Love will be tested when Lucy ran away from their guild......

SymphonyMaker SymphonyMaker Dec 20, 2017
Ask permission not give permission, because it's like Lucy is asking why Natsu and Happy didn't give permission to her.
BtwItsGabby BtwItsGabby Apr 25, 2017
Hai Hai Gray-kun (I call him that somethimes) should just practice it with somebody else
cmmacomber cmmacomber Oct 11, 2016
😂😄 that was a good one. I just laughed out loud. My mom looked at me strange. Lol
The_Falln_Hero The_Falln_Hero Jun 27, 2016
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA only 2 pages in and he already likes her
tragically_ tragically_ Mar 29, 2016
Omg thought of PJO when Rachel throws the blue hairbrush at Kronos, lol XD
smil13579 smil13579 Nov 23, 2015
Yess because he loves her so yeah he is going to tell her what he feels