Fatal Flaw. A Percabeth Romance (Major editing)

Fatal Flaw. A Percabeth Romance (Major editing)

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The Pomergranate Seed By MegWilson5 Completed

As Gaia was dying by Percy's hand, she sent him away in a final attempt to torture him. Gaia made him believe Annabeth was dead, but little did he know Annabeth was alive, she was furious and heart broken.
This has happened before Hera did the same thing to them but Annabeth was scared that this time was different.
The group starts on a dangerous quest to find Percy, they travel to places around the world that have been to before hoping that's where Percy will be, that's all they have to hang onto now...
Little do they know that Percy is having dreams showing him where to go, but these dreams are confusing him making question whats real or not.

All Annabeth wants is her seaweed brain back...
will they ever see each other again....
Read and find out...


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CaeliaVesta CaeliaVesta Mar 30
Doesn't he only have a good sense of direction while sailing? Or am I forgetting something?
RosewaterReads RosewaterReads Nov 01, 2017
If someone read this who didn't understand the dam joke... I would feel really dam bad for them.
TheFanLight TheFanLight Aug 17, 2017
I know there are a lot of people who ate correcting you,but a Percy Jackson fan can't resist. Uhum.. *Dam*
The harpy is supposed to spill out sand not ichor (anchor whatever). Ichor (anchor) is only for gods, not monsters
kelsey_m1217 kelsey_m1217 Sep 22, 2017
Or maybe he got a dam T-shirt
                              This fandom is amazing how we all make dam jokes all the time
bitchasserluna bitchasserluna Dec 28, 2017
everyone correcting u about it being “dam” instead is “damn” are wrong. she wasn’t there for the dam joke.