Forever Yours

Forever Yours

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TiffanyCaitlin By TiffanyCaitlin Updated Aug 12, 2019

Chevy Duvall has always been rebellious. Known by local law enforcement for causing trouble. No matter what happens though she knows she can always count on her best friend Dominic Rivera. Her ride or die, partner in crime. No matter what you call it these two were inseparable. Always hiding her true feelings for him. Her love for him. 

One night was all it took to change everything. Now 4 years later the nightmares of what happened still plagued her. She wants nothing to do with Dominic.

Distancing herself from almost everyone what happens when Dominic shows back up in her life? 

And why is it that when she sees him, she doesn't see the best friend she wanted nothing to do with but a man. The kind of man that makes you want to clench your thighs together and forget everything he's done wrong? 

This is unedited so bare with me y'all! 

⚠️ this book will contain: Mature language, Sexual Content, Dark Themes, Violence. Read at your own risk. Recommend +18