Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin One shots

Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin One shots

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Cc By nerdinconvrse Updated Mar 12

Just a collection of my attack on titan one  shots.
These are ending (probably) so the splurge of unfinished drafts will be expected soon.



PinkFoxPunk PinkFoxPunk Jun 19
found horse face! (jean)
                              it how i figured out who's who and that that the aot characters were dogs here.
WoofWoofWoofWoofWoof WoofWoofWoofWoofWoof Dec 30, 2014
Umm how about Levi x savior reader??? like the can the reader can save Levi during an expedition.
Thegirlsdragontamer Thegirlsdragontamer Nov 10, 2014
That picture of mike with amazing and how about a levi x demon reader
nerdinconvrse nerdinconvrse Oct 25, 2014
@ThatTroublesomeGirl sorry. I'm only going character x reader
nerdinconvrse nerdinconvrse Sep 05, 2014
@ChloeHeichou private message. just don't want a conversation in the comments
NeonPurpleVans NeonPurpleVans Sep 05, 2014
I'm not sure, how to describe it...all I know is it's really sexual.... And what is pm-ed?