Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin One shots

Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin One shots

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Cc By nerdinconvrse Updated Mar 12, 2016

Just a collection of my attack on titan one  shots.
These are ending (probably) so the splurge of unfinished drafts will be expected soon.



Can you do a Reiner x Victini
                              Here is some information about Victini:she's part wolf,she's Jean's sister,she's a titan shifter,at the start they are friends but Reiner soon realizes that he has a crush on Victini
god-fucking-damnit god-fucking-damnit Jun 19, 2016
found horse face! (jean)
                              it how i figured out who's who and that that the aot characters were dogs here.
CreativeEditor00 CreativeEditor00 Dec 30, 2014
Umm how about Levi x savior reader??? like the can the reader can save Levi during an expedition.
Thegirlsdragontamer Thegirlsdragontamer Nov 10, 2014
That picture of mike with amazing and how about a levi x demon reader
nerdinconvrse nerdinconvrse Oct 25, 2014
@ThatTroublesomeGirl sorry. I'm only going character x reader
nerdinconvrse nerdinconvrse Sep 05, 2014
@ChloeHeichou private message. just don't want a conversation in the comments