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Lauren Ashley By Laurencreating Updated May 30

A Sisters of Hope Novel:

Two sisters' lives tragically unravel as the veil sheltering their simple life is lifted, revealing a world where demons and angels walk among them.  

"There are brief moments in our lives where we stand at a crossroads.  Moments where we fundamentally know what path we should take, but something-be it a lack of courage or moral obligations, muddy our subliminal compass.  When we turn away from that divine truth-away from that path we should have trod, we deserve the chaos reaped in our lives.  We welcomed it in after all.

What I'm trying to say is... We never should have gotten out of that truck." 

-Rosie Cross

***As of June 1, 2018 I am taking a break on Wattpad to finish this story and work out details in the plot.

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JordenFey JordenFey Apr 10
I love this, she has a logical brain but is only as adjusted as one could be in that situation. I feel like this is a nature of the human condition to say we are fine but trama affects more then we want.
JordenFey JordenFey Apr 11
The build-up is fantastic. There are so many emotions just pent up inside her that just collide at the end of this paragraph and I love. "It shouldn't matter, but it did. All of it did." It all just crashes into that sentence making it mean so much more.
Flawless writing! Loads of great background too. Really enjoyed this.❤️
JordenFey JordenFey Apr 11
Ahh I love the silent conversation. It puts more depth into the scene and helps me visualize more so the awkward and frustrated situation they are in.
JordenFey JordenFey Apr 11
This is so like real life. A million things happen in your head at once, especially for a girl.
JordenFey JordenFey Apr 11
The dialogue flows well. Seems natural and layered with chemistry. Not cheezy either.