An Unwanted Encounter

An Unwanted Encounter

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♡ By FeistyMoonlight Updated Dec 31, 2018

With the strap of her handbag clutched tightly between her fist, Madison gave another shot at a job interview. What was there to lose? 
With just Madison's luck, she gained a lot more than she anticipated as her past now revived  itself in the form of Lacey Blaine, ex-bully and current work partner. 

It was already torture having to cope with Lacey at the ripe age of her adolescence; she now had to handle her unusual, sweet turn-of-demeanour at work. 
What made it worse? She was being bossed around by the one person she vowed to never fall under again.


This is a Lesbian story that WILL contain MATURE content.

  • bisexual
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  • heartbreak
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