A Dead Host... Not! (Ouran High School Host Club FanFic)

A Dead Host... Not! (Ouran High School Host Club FanFic)

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Have you ever thought of faking your death?

Faking amnesia?

Being adopted by a rich family?

Changing your name?


Becoming a host?!

Well, that's exactly what Mika Haninozuka did. After faking her death during a mission with her older brother, Mitsukuni Haninozuka, her life took a large turn.

What will happen when she meets her brother again after 2 years?

Will she reveal herself?

Or will she continue living life as Miso Ootori?

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[Book Cover By: @hakukazeMitsukuni986]

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I love Ouran Highschool Host Club and this fanfic is perfect for me! Mainly because I recently had an injury that is making me unable to walk that well but all I want to do is get up and go! This is probs a little late timing but this fanfic is perfect for me!
DaQuackin DaQuackin Jul 02
I looked up and the guy and said, I likes to play ball. I'm going to kick your like in kick the can!
*when you're looking for Kyo Kyo's pitying expression to make sure everyone is alive... but can't find it*
                              *Joins Tamaki in Haruhi's closet for a mushroom growing fest*
This makes it sound like they got into a fight and Honey shot her
                              *jumps off building*
                              2 months later..
                              Random person: did you hear about that girl who jumped of the building and broke both of her legs and her spine!
                              Other person: ya I heard she's paralyzed now!
OXLeviXo OXLeviXo Feb 08
What did you expect if you say you don't know who you are?! And if you don't want to then go home!