His Magnificent Specimen (Hospitality Man Book 2) (R-18)

His Magnificent Specimen (Hospitality Man Book 2) (R-18)

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Eros Pervince Calydon By GodricGio Updated Feb 25, 2016

When love is lost, everything else fades away, breaking apart into a million pieces like ashes in the wind. And the one who is left behind will have nothing but an empty, pointy, shattered life.

And when love is lost, you'll grow hatred in your heart. And by default, you find someone to blame to, to direct your fury and anger in an unfortunate sort of way. Letting off the dark steam that has resided so dominantly in your heart. Eating you away, until you'll be nothing but a shadow, a figure without reflection - soulless. 

The one who is capable of showing his great love, is capable of hating with great terror. It's human nature, buried deep within ourselves by the keepsake of our subconsciousness. That much as always and will always be, true.

Pervince, his name now craves for his 'love'. His name now is full of unshed anguish and longing for his 'life' who left him. For a certain reason not being enlightened. For a certain reason that caused Saphire so much hurt. 

Join him as he closes the epilogue of his anxiety and misery. Cry with him as his heart wavers and trembles with longing. Embrace him as he seeks solace and comfort of his 'love'. Support him as he passes through the slippery ladder towards his running 'love'. Bliss him with your help to conquer his happiness. For he is Pervince, and his name seeks perversion no more. 

And he was the one they called before, the hospitality man.

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miroh-5254 miroh-5254 Jun 21, 2016
This story is parang real tlgang nangyari i hope so author u do great😉
malz1124 malz1124 Apr 17, 2016
hi! i realy2 love ur w0rk. it makes me w0nder what happen next. it brings excitement to d nxt level.
jobbawockies jobbawockies May 20, 2015
sayang ngayon klng naiisipan magbasa ng wattpad..hehehe nkakaadik pala..na incourage ksi ako ng kapatid ko eh..panu nagpupuyat ksi sya sa pagbabasa nito.so ngayon alam kona.heheh
jobbawockies jobbawockies May 20, 2015
finally nakita kona.hehe you are very good talaga,so smart to write this kind of story..im ur biggest fun author.♥♥♥
simplemathlover simplemathlover Jul 01, 2014
author,,,. update kna,.. months na ko hihintay nang update mo..
deathgirl24 deathgirl24 Apr 17, 2014
wow.. nosebleed... heheheh peo ayos lang.. ang ganda naman ng story.. idol na kita ate author..... ^_________^