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Book 4: The Way We've Always Done Before (Guns N Roses FanFic)

Book 4: The Way We've Always Done Before (Guns N Roses FanFic)

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YoureARayCatQueen By YoureARayCatQueen Completed

Hazel and Axl grew up together in Lafayette, Indiana. Before Axl left for the big city, he promised Hazel he would return to marry her, or at least to take her with him when his band hit it big. It's 1991 now, and Hazel is still stuck in Lafayette, watching on the TV as her childhood sweetheart breaks her heart over and over again. When she finally gets her chance to move out to LA and reconcile with him, will she take it? Better yet, will he let her?
Rated R. You should know this by now.

Sheliathehuman7 Sheliathehuman7 Aug 09, 2016
I was saving this one because it's my favorite story you've written so far
creamdie creamdie Feb 04, 2016
It's really sad he had to go through abuse when he was younger :(
Just wanted to say that I doubt his parents swore a lot. He grew up in a very religious and strict family. His dad didn't let them have a TV because it was a devil's machine.
thinkaboutgunsnroses thinkaboutgunsnroses Nov 27, 2015
I swear to god if axl fuckin shows up behind that door imma scream. in a good, excited way.
WAxlRose WAxlRose Apr 08, 2015
This is the most professional fanfic I've ever read in Wattpad. Truly amazing!
YoureARayCatQueen YoureARayCatQueen Dec 29, 2014
@biavarone7 really? it should be up. it's called you could be mine and has the blond girl with red lipstick on the front.