My weird journey (black butler fanfic)

My weird journey (black butler fanfic)

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Dirk By dirk_strider Updated Feb 06

"Ok so I'm not like other girls, I'm a bit insane and weird but now my weird self gets transported to black butler!"

      This is a story of a girl named Sapphire, she's little weird and not exactly on the sane side of things. When she gets transported to black butler, it all goes down hill from there. There's something off about Sapphires new life in the world of black butler and she can't put her finger on it. Could it be the weird dreams she's been having or a mysterious being that's lurking behind every corner? You have to find out! But make sure to find fun in all the silliness, sarcasm and references that sapphire can put in.

( note:  updates are slow, I'm sorry.)

6/27/17 (also note: This story is old, and I wrote it when I was young, so, I apologize for the time being if things may seem off, i'm revising it )

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