Davis is looking for something fun and exciting when she heads off for college. She is leaving her shy exterior and perfect order at the campus entry and looking for the first bit of trouble in her life. Davis finds that being the center of attention isn't all it's cracked up to be, but can still have some perks at the end of the day. She soon learns who her friends are, who she can trust and who is just in it for fun.
     **This story will have some sexual contact in it but I'll put anything too extreme in it's own story on my profile**
@AnnaBennett8 Thanks! I have two more finals for college. One today and one tomorrow and then I'll be able to focus on writing for the next few weeks. I promise I'll post a TON of chapters after the next two days are done.
Hey :) i liked this chapter!!! Ewwww that guy that took her was disgusting!!! Lol i liked this chapter better than the first!! I like the more friendly and protective erica. And i kindof like mike better than brandon!! ;)
@PamPawlowski Thank you very much!! I've written chapter 2 already and it should be up tomorrow.
Sounds great.  Keep those updated coming.  Thanks,  it really is great.