Homeward Bound Liberty

Homeward Bound Liberty

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Joy Findlay By JoyFindlay Updated Nov 06, 2018

You'd think that with all the major changes in Libby's life that she'd be more than ready for anything to come her way, but with all her diplomatic responsibilities and her work aboard the ASF Bransky, Libby and Ayms are finding her schedule just a little bit overwhelming. New alien ambassadors, new bosses, new alien contacts and new responsibilities... too many new things. So when Libby and her whole team head off for an unknown moon to rescue a new colony from would-be slavers, things should have been a walk in the park. But between new star systems, new body chemistry, new alien threats and new internal fleet conflicts, it is no surprising that Libby ends up escaping back to her home planet for a little bit of R&R. 

But things aren't as quiet on the home front as Libby, Ayms and her security team expected. Being Omicron B's latest and youngest Hybrid celebrity, the fleet's newest problem, her estranged family's fattest purse and her security team's greatest frustration, it is no wonder that mayhap and mayhem seem to follow Libby and Ayms where ever they go.

Following on from book one in Liberty and Ayms' space faring saga, Homeward Bound Liberty is a riot of drama and laughs amongst the stars.

Homeward Bound Liberty is the second in a new young adult sci-fy series.