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Childhood (Ticci Toby x Reader)

Childhood (Ticci Toby x Reader)

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The Burger Queen By Miss_Megaheart Completed

A little girl. No older than 3. Abandoned in the forest and left to die by her parents. The only thing she had was her family scrapbook and a stuffed animal. Befriended the beast called The Rake that day. She ate some poisonous berries by accident and almost died. Her new friend hollered to the being known as Slenderman. They saved her life and brought to their mansion, where she met more funny, weird, and creepy friends called "creepypastas." 13 years later, a new creepypasta comes by and they become the best of friends. His name is Toby Rogers. Otherwise known as Ticci Toby. Together, Toby helps find her find birth parents to get payback. After that, she starts developing a crush on the twitching boy. Why is this all so important to you? You are that girl.

Antlerca Antlerca Apr 12
Well then *walks over fourth wall* if I cat read it
                              I'll just BEAT IT
                              Nah that was horrible, xD nvm
The scarecrow with tentacles coming out of its head with awesome I said awesome text skills! Or Bluppy
There ditching me........... i just screamed thanks mom she walked in my room and was like ,?????????? Wàaaaaaaaaa
Welp can't stop me now I'm moving on to the next chapter! BYE!! *runs off with knife in hand*
I'm eleven but I read adult books and I'm really strict on whether or not a book is good. Let me tell you, this book is the best I've read so far and you should try to get it into bookshops!
Screw the scrap book! I know it's important, but screw it! All I need is my fox plushie and a butcher knife to cut of their heads!!!