Fire emblem awakening: Trapped

Fire emblem awakening: Trapped

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Demwafflez By Demwafflez Updated Aug 08, 2014


Where the hell am I?

This looks awful like.. oh, OH.

How could this have happened? Why the hell am I in Ylisse?

Ok, don't panic. This is probably all a dream.

"You ok there?"

Who is th- oh.

I've heard that voice too many times.

"Exalt Chrom! What an honour to meet you!"

"Please, it's just Chrom." Jeez, he is really self-conscious.

"My apologies." Alright, if I don't get the time right, Frederick (who is by the way standing besides Chrom) Will cut me down.

"Congratulations on your victory over Plegia."

"Why thank you very much, Although I do not enjoy war, That dastard Gangrel had to be put down."

Ok, So the war with Plegia is over, and the campaign against Valm hasn't started yet. So what can I do to wake up? Well, let's see, there is OHMYGODWHATISTHAT!

"Milord, There seems to be an attack in Southtown." Oh thank you Frederick, I never would have guessed.

"Damn! Those bandits must be stopped! Can you fight?" 

....Oh, He's talking to me.

"Um, I g...

lottiekun lottiekun Jul 20, 2014
omg i love that line too. Frederick is just way too awesome.