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Dirty Lying Dragons

Dirty Lying Dragons

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Sabrina Blackburry By SabrinaBlackburry Completed

Dani, a coven-less witch, is captured by Ryker, a shifter bounty hunter. Will their connection mean something, or will he turn her in for cash?
Dani, a witch with no coven, is forced to flee her normal life when a bounty is put out on her. Trying to teleport herself to Seattle, she mixes things up and appears in Siberia! Almost immediately she's captured by Ryker. He's a handsome, powerful, dragon-shifter, and though he says he'll help Dani, he's secretly planning to turn her in. As they travel, though, Dani feels strangely connected to the hunter, and Ryker's own feelings are growing. As Dani is teleported away, betrayed by the bounty hunter, Ryker realizes that she's his fated mate! Captured by Vampires and betrayed by the being she loved, Dani has to stand up and fight back.

(This story is a stand-alone title set in the Dirty Lying Creatures universe.)

[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]