The Devil's Belonging book one

The Devil's Belonging book one

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'' let's head back to the council. Let everyone know what happens with people trying to gather and steal the talismans from us ever again.'' The boss said angrily and his eyes swept the room. 

'' let the mundane police figure this one out.'' He said and they were gone. A chocked scream escaped my lips and I fell to the ground. Blood immediately soaked my jeans. 

The girl was silently crying and trying to crawl to her mother, her father was too far away. I grabbed for the girl but my hands went right through her. My eyes caught a look at my left hand, I was still holding the toy.

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Is it really bye??... maybe its a typo and better check for it.. thanky
Bikerwife Bikerwife Apr 09
Oh I can’t read anymore. Some one go through it with bloody spell checker and then I’ll try it again.
Hahahahaha a boy got Justin Bieber as his ring tone quickly record it he Will be made fun of by the ENTIRE school
Yumi_Danielson Yumi_Danielson Oct 21, 2017
Luca-various... I like it, but I still prefer Lucious, or good old fashioned Lucifer
Police: Boss there is two dead adults and a baby there is still Alive
                              Police Boss: Is the baby crying?
                              Police: No it is just sitting there and playing with their blood
                              Police Boss: WHAT???
                              Police: Its true
Yumi_Danielson Yumi_Danielson Oct 21, 2017
Nah, that ain't ungly, those sluts from your school are the true ugly girls, inside and out