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Regretting Rejection (ON HOLD)

Regretting Rejection (ON HOLD)

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Maisha Brooks By mishmash70 Updated Feb 27, 2016

"I, Alpha Caden Peter Black, Reject you as a mate." He stated. His posture was proud and a small smirk played on his lips showing that he wasn't affected at all by his words.   "I-I-I,B-but Y-your my -" I stuttered. But he beat me to it.                                                    "Not anymore. A mate is someone who you can be proud of. They have to be sexy, feisty and loud, Someone like Zaleya. Look at you! You are Ugly, fat and shy! You haven't even shifted yet!" He looked at me with disgust.      I couldn't take it anymore. I turned and ran, ran as if my life depended on it whilst whipping away tears.                                           -Emma Clarke is part of The Dark shadow pack who treat her like a servant. After her mate rejected her she ends up In the rival pack, Silver dawn. There she meets new people and she's back. Only skinnier, prettier, and more confident than ever.             Will Alpha Caden Regret his decision and try to win her back or is it to late for him?  Read on to find out!   ( THIS IS NOT A REJECTION STORY!!!)

nxbula nxbula May 11
How stupid do you have to be to not realize you bumped into a human being
Wow. Fake friend alert. If one of my friends' parents did this to them, I go all Slenderman on them fools
Arianafxrell Arianafxrell Nov 22, 2015
mishmash70 mishmash70 Apr 13, 2015
No you don't :) I love it how you do that because i do that too in books, it just shows that you are into the book and I'm so grateful for that :) :) ;)
TWDDelRey TWDDelRey Apr 13, 2015
Alright so I know I comment alot...I admit I have a problem...
- - Jan 12, 2015
I'm so glad you've updated! YEEES luv u! My friendsp  friends that sounds weird....