{Under Reconstruction} Just A Special Kind of Vampire Princess

{Under Reconstruction} Just A Special Kind of Vampire Princess

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Aleeyah Griffith By Aleeyah_G Completed

Aliah Cassiopia was a normal human girl, except for the fact she lives with Vampires. Adopted by a widow vampire woman from the 18th century,Life at home was never dull or normal at all for her at all. But then things started getting a bit out of hand. Unknown vampires would randomly attack, claiming Aliah as their Princess. It isn't long after that she learns the Shocking truth of her biological family and how she is their only hope to take hold of their rightful throne.

If she survives of course.

Authors notes: WOW! Look at those reads!! Thank you to everyone whose voted, read and commented on my story. Trust me it's really really heart warming! Anyways, I just thought I added this so I don't get in any trouble later on.  My inspiration and a few of the characters from this story (The Drakes) are from an actual series by Alyxandra Harvey. It's called The Drake Chronicles (It's really good, Look into it!) All the other characters do belong to me. I'm not sure how many of you noticed, but I just wanted to point that out. Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH.  :)

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GayaGaya1 GayaGaya1 Apr 14, 2016
Marque clan ? Hmm, such a bad clan. Why this happens to her?
                              Pity her.
ILuvToRead52 ILuvToRead52 May 22, 2016
Are the mothers blood mothers?  Illiana wasn't born a vampire?  Perhaps you can elaborate more about them?
ILuvToRead52 ILuvToRead52 May 22, 2016
How old are these characters?  They seem like kids by "sticking out their tongues," at each other
Starfire2255 Starfire2255 Jan 10, 2016
This is definitely one of the creepiest books I've ever read!
nuiance_ nuiance_ Dec 01, 2013
I love the Drake chronicles! One of my favorite book series!