How "Phantom Of The Opera" Should Have Ended

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Stephanie By Nephxx Completed
My opinion on how the movie should've ended <3
It's great! I would love to the it in the film (or the musical). It really should have ended with Christine and Erik... and not Raoul -.-
                                    Really great work!
I love this ending! I always thought she should end up with Erik! So do the 10,000 plus POTO stories on fan
awsome awsome awsome! yes i wish that happened as well but what did christine say to rauol?
YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES! Btw I like your song it's better than I can do :-)
Thats exactly how i felt at the end of the movie im like Noooooo!!!!! dont go to raoul christine go to ur love aka the Phantom!!!! still a great movie my favorite of all time and love your ending so much!!!!!
WOW! I like this ending even more than the original.I really love this story.I wanted the movie to end like that.100% LOVE IT!!!