the Only Exception // Harry Styles

the Only Exception // Harry Styles

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Kiss 'em and leave 'em has always been aspiring songwriter Autumn Delaney's motto. Her world was turned upside down because of a love so consuming that it drove her mother mad and she swore to never be a slave to that type of emotion.  She has set her life on a strict course and it has finally paid off with her acceptance into her dream college. Now there are only two things she has to do write music and do not under any circumstance fall in love.
Harry Styles is 1/5 of the biggest pop act in the world and has a reputation as a charming heart breaker. The world is at his disposal and whatever he wants is his, that is until he finds himself enamored with a girl that wants nothing more from him than a friendship. Not used to hearing no, Harry is determined to get what he wants even if it means sacrificing everything he has worked for.

Will Autumn be the Only Exception, the one girl that is able to resist Harry or will it be Harry that breaks down the protective barriers designed to protect Autumn's heart?

The Only Exception is Book 2 in the Moxen List Series.
Warning: the Only Exception contains strong language and sexual content.

***This story is the very first fanfic I published on Wattpad. Needless to say, I've learned a lot since then. All the same, I love the story and it's always nice to look back and see how far I've come in my writing journey. Enjoy!

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AliciaMirza AliciaMirza Aug 24, 2017
Ah, so Only Exception came before The Moxen List. That explains the lack of reads on the former!
tepteep tepteep Jan 10
I've read your stage fanfic its really great i loved it! Im soooo excited to read this!!😚
1DaddictedXOX 1DaddictedXOX Aug 23, 2017
Oh gosh, sometimes I get so lost in watching videos or looking for pics for my books that I lose track of time and can't write anymore hahahaha not complaining though 😍
am_1610 am_1610 Jun 20, 2017
Haha that strange guy... Yeah, sounds like it'll be an interesting date for sure
DesiraeG377 DesiraeG377 Dec 28, 2014
hey i read both of your stories in one day,  i absolutely loved them,  you're a great writer... very nice flow, some fanfics i cant even read all the way cause the writer or flow ( or both) was horrible, cant wait for you to write more, ill be reading all your future stories ♡
ExcelsiorLou ExcelsiorLou Nov 23, 2014
This story should honestly have more reads. This sounds amazing so far