Intoxicating Love yandere(^o^)  prince jimin x reader

Intoxicating Love yandere(^o^) prince jimin x reader

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Manu _rios By pumpmymakeup Updated Oct 23, 2018

''no...stay away....I don't want this. i don't want any of this. please ''. 

He stepped closer and caressed her cheek . 

''but hidenka this is for you ..this ....all of this, i did this for you. For the 
both of us, please accept my offer and be my queen. Help rule this 
kingdom with an iron fist with me... your king and soon to be husband. 
Do not reject my offer, my father is no more come with me''. 

She shook her head before replying. 
''no please my Lord stop this nonsense ''. She said as she slapped his 
hand away from her face. His hand dropped from her face as it landed by his side before his face morphed into that of anger as he yanked her arm and brought her closer. His minty breath fanning her face. 

"i was thinking I wouldn't have to do this my love. But you leave me with no other alternative hidenka, it's either you or my desires to have you as my bride ...and i choose mine''. 

and that was the last thing she heard before everything went peach 


what happens when a prince grows an unhealthy desire to have a 

certain person or should i say girl as his own, going through crude ways 

to have her as his bride . 


                                  park jimin -prince

                                               (y/n)-peasant girl


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