Seven Minutes with... (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Men)

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Amelia ?????? By Amillie___ Completed
Lizzy suggests a scandelous game of Seven Minutes in Heaven! Will the awkward turtle show his face when you enter the closet with your assigned man, or will there be some steamy encounters waiting behind closed doors...?
Um.. Grell isn't a she nor a he. Grell's more of an..... it.
I liked that last one. That and Droccel Kienz (however you spell his name).Those were cute.
Awe that undertaker moment "I'll always love u undertaker I think your sexy ":3
Hahaha with drocell i just kept screaming "BUT HE'S A DOLL!!!" Haha but then i got u apparently in this he's human now:) i always thought he was a cutie tho;) xxx
@rawrimaBUNNYyeah haha which one is your favorite to read? lolZ