Piece By Piece

Piece By Piece

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"Scarlett you may be better at the game of pool, I'll give you that, but when it comes to the game of seduction you have no idea who you're dealing with." 

Scarlett firmly presses her back against him, pushing her butt against his pelvis and causing Shane to let out a low groan.

"Then show me."


Is it possible to be In Love with two people at the same time? Or does only one of them truly have your heart?

Scarlett and Cole are High School Sweethearts, that married at 18. Fast forward 7 years, their marriage is barely holding on and life has tore them apart, piece by piece. They still love each other, but the fire that once burned so bright between them has died. At one last attempt to save their marriage Cole and Scarlett decide to "take-a-break" & see if they're really meant to be, like they once believed.

While on this break both of them are allowed to act Single, so Scarlett heads to Georgia to stay with her gay best friend Luca, while Cole stays behind in LA. 

One night, while out with her best friends Luca and Alexa, Scarlett meets someone she wasn't expecting, Shane. Shane is an unexpected storm that suddenly opens up Scarlett's world to a whole new sexual and emotional awakening and the worst part is...he isn't even sorry about it.

Can Scarlett survive the storm that is Shane enough to get back to Cole? Does she even want to? Will Cole also find someone outside of their marriage? And does it matter that Luca is #TeamS&C and Alexa isn't? Or will they both switch sides unexpectedly too?

*WARNING! This story contains SMUT and explicit language! It contains one or more sexually explicit writings! So if you don't like SMUT then please don't continue reading.*

-Full character cast list, soundtrack and pictures in every chapter-


#4 in Character Development 8/17
#10 in Adult Fiction 8/17
#22 in Adult Romance 8/17

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