Edge of Desire | jhs

Edge of Desire | jhs

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𝒽𝒶𝓎𝓊𝓃 By strawverymilktae Updated Nov 18

❝ But the star can't shine alone without the moon ❞


He whispers slowly and quietly, prolonging the letter's as if everything about me meant to be cherished, protected, held close to the heart. In this very heat moment, I can't think straight with him this close, our forehead pressed against each other. Our breath mingling.

Sooyun's a normal student, granddaughter of Bang Si-hyuk and was supposed to be a boy. After her sworn brother took his chances to become a K-Pop Idol, the day of her mother's disappearance, she vows to never leave her father's side. But when a mysterious mail arrives, she's dragged back to South Korea, discovering what a family truly means and that you never walk alone.

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