Because of the Falling Rain (ManxBoy)

Because of the Falling Rain (ManxBoy)

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Lola Fried By Lolaxwatt27 Completed

Calen is bored and quite disappointed in life, the obstacles he took to become a cop wasn't really worth it when he thought about it. He just wanted to rebel against his parents and take his own path. But instead of it being something he enjoyed, he went down the road of becoming a cop that was never needed. 

That is until the day he was called down for the first homicide in the town in almost over twenty years. He would have never thought that he was able to save an innocent life and give him shelter. 

All Kayden wanted in life was to escape, escape from the villain of his story, his father. The only thing he ever did was read upon books upon books, it was his source of comfort against his wicked father. 

That is until he finds a new comfort in life, Calen his savior.