♕A Girl Needs Faith♕ [BOOK 2]

♕A Girl Needs Faith♕ [BOOK 2]

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They're back. Cherry and DayDay. Charisma is now pregnant with his child and are super excited about having a family and possibly getting married. But what would happen when someone from Datrell's past try to ruin the relationship between them? Can they try to save it for the sake of their newborn coming? 

•Book 2•.

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Cover by: ColorMeMimi

Imperfectt_Child Imperfectt_Child Oct 09, 2014
yall should be ready for the first chapter. Remember if you havent read the first book, I advise you to read A Girl Needs Love before reading A Girl Needs Faith. Thank you for your time:-)
Imperfectt_Child Imperfectt_Child Jun 01, 2014
this is the previous from the first book. I advise yall to read the first book so you wont be confused. A Girl Need Love