There is no loVe without V!

There is no loVe without V!

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💜 Love story begins : The story starts when an indian girl who continues her studies at her dream place Korea. She is an ordinary high school student who is pretty by her own way. 

 But things started to became worse when she get trapped by a group of 7 boys who is famous and hot at their school. #BTS

"They're dangerous Vno, Just stay away for your safety"- Sana

"Don't you dare to touch me you jerk!"- Vnoshini

"You're going to suffer every second

They started to do too many things that make her hurt too much. But things suddenly changes when a big twist happen. Love! Sometimes, the one you hate the most will be your strenght in the end. With who did she fall in Love? How did their love story goes? 

Not only Love but it's really hard for a teenager to go through so much of things in this early age. Her life turned hell when her ex boyfriend show up. To know what happened keep on reading guys. 🤗 Thank You.

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