Stranger To Me

Stranger To Me

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AnonymouslyAussie By AnonymouslyAussie Updated Aug 18, 2017

Imagine being traded to a man who has been said to ruin a women so much in one night that she could never have another. 

Freya didn't have to imagine

She had been.

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Skia_Kardia_Tortilla Skia_Kardia_Tortilla May 28, 2017
A few mistakes here and there, but overall only grammar and spelling. Nothing going back and editing can't fix!
MrsGoogle MrsGoogle May 25, 2017
so is this a third/first person mistake or is she schizophrenic?
majoliefee majoliefee Mar 27, 2016
Ok with viviennehyde, it's a little bit confusing two standpoints in the same sentence. But the story's interesting so far...
SwimmerVGirl SwimmerVGirl Aug 10, 2016
Yeah I do like the story so far, but I can't handle the constant switching from 1st and third point of view. This must cause a lot of your readers to stop reading. You really need to fix this if you want to gain readers instead of lose them :)
sarahlebug sarahlebug Nov 01, 2016
I know that was long sorry, also be aware this is my opinion. Feel free to disagree or change anything ive said. Like i said earlier I'm no professional, just an amateur writer 😀 keep up the good work!
- - May 30, 2016
There's a few things that can be tweaked. Like, perhaps giving a more colorful description of everything. And there's some confusing errors