Perchance to Dream- Book I

Perchance to Dream- Book I

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L.M.M. By rhythmchyc Completed

He electrified her then disappeared without a trace.

Hot-tempered college junior Katherine Miller strives for an award-winning career in journalism. When she learns of a coveted internship opportunity at a New York magazine, she's determined to earn it honorably, unlike her scheming classmates. To boost her chances, she attends an Off-Broadway production of Hamlet, and everything she knew to be, believe, and dream crumbles. 

The "paragon of all animals," Katherine meets her dream guy. The lead actor intoxicates, inspires, and confounds her all at once. After an illuminating private encounter, he leaves her with cryptic obligations and nothing but his name: Nicholas Phillips. In a city that never sleeps, her dreams are just out of reach. Unlike the internship, though, Katherine will get him... by ANY means necessary.

"Rhythmchyc writes the kinds of romance novels that everybody needs to read: raw and real and filled with a matchless amount of love. Both passionate and talented, you'll soon find yourself lost in her novels when you explore them-it's just what happens when you read one of her masterpieces. I hope that you, reader, explore Perchance to Dream, and fall in love with the novel as much as Katherine falls in love with Nicholas." - @minimxmist (2018 WP Longlist Author and Contest Host- The Sinne Awards)

"Stop reading this and go read her book, before she gets the good sense to pull it from here and publish it." - @Xanaphia00

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iffsandbutts iffsandbutts May 15, 2018
Ok so this book has three parts? If I understood this right.
lhansenauthor lhansenauthor May 04, 2018
First observation - I think your retainer hurts you. You are being honest, which is good. But by using words like "behemoth" and "problem" you are giving the impression you have a problematic read. I can't think this is true. Author notes should engage. I would shift this
MistressOP MistressOP Apr 25, 2018
oh. so, things will be resolved somewhat in book two and 1 though right?
PrincessBlu06 PrincessBlu06 Nov 27, 2018
Oh it makes me wonder why she doesn't love him anymore. She talks so highly of him yet she doesn't want to be with him. What did he do... 
                              Hmm...very intriguing
madelinetucker123 madelinetucker123 5 days ago
And again, it feels like she’s so emotionally attached to Nicholas, it’s like being addicted on a drug. Makes it sound like she’s manipulated into do so
madelinetucker123 madelinetucker123 5 days ago
Is she crazy about Nicholas? She literally sounds like she's going to die if she doesn't have him by her side XD