My Soulmate (HoO/PJO AU)

My Soulmate (HoO/PJO AU)

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PercyJacksonFan2606 By Zebra2606 Updated Sep 24

When you turn 14, you get a tattoo that describes your soulmate. As you spend more time with them, it gets more detailed. But when you kiss your soulmate for the first time, you tattoo glows and shows their name. But this only happens when it is love and love only. (So if you just kiss someone to kiss them then your tattoo won't glow) 

  As for your soulmate dying, your tattoo turns black and shows a small picture of them with their name under. After three days it goes away and you never get another tattoo. 

  Disclaimer: I do not own the PJO or HoO characters. I wish I did though, but sadly that title belongs to Uncle Rick. I also do not own any songs, bands, brands, etc.

  Also I suck at descriptions. And my writing starts off kinda bad and super short but trust me, it gets better, so yeah.