Ask Rachel and friends.

Ask Rachel and friends.

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Ask Rachel.

Nex_ottsel: Hi Nex_ottsel here, if you guys want to know Rachel and her friends better you can send questions to me and I will make them answer them. *Whisper* Even if they won't like them... and probably get mad at me

*Rachel enters the room*

Rachel: What are you doing?

Nex_ottsel: Oh hi Rachel, you know that you are new and no one really know so much about you and your friends

Rachel: *Raising eyebrow* Yeah... so what? I'm having a bad feeling about this...

Nex_ottsel: Welllll... I'm gonna let some people send in questions about you guys and let you answer them, everyone is doing it with their OC

Rachel: WHAT??!! Like as if I'm gonna do that! What if someone wants to know about my past?

Nex_ottsel: *Raise eyebrow* So what? They already know about your past, you don't really need to worry about those questions

Rachel: No it's... just... that... *sigh* I don't want them to know about my private life

Nex_ottsel: *Getting curious* What private life? Have you been do...