!!Hiatus!! Healing Your Wounds-Healing Quirk!Deku (Bnha AU)

!!Hiatus!! Healing Your Wounds-Healing Quirk!Deku (Bnha AU)

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I Need Dem Cash By SweetPrecipitation Updated Feb 27

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ 
May contain Tododeku. Just TodoDeku

This is an AU where Deku has the same quirk as the pro hero Recovery Girl. Kisses heal. Mouth to mouth kisses heal the person completely. Deku was bullied for having such a gay quirk. He eventually developed a habit of when seeing someone injured, approach them and kiss them. AND THEN, describes his quirk. 

It is dumb I know. There ain't enough of these fanfictions on this AU. And I suck at descriptions. 

There may be swearing and there are NO lemons and smut. <--(hopefully.)
The art doesn't belong to me ^^

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