The Story of Sing

The Story of Sing

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Dennis Royer By DennisRoyer Completed

[2018 Wattys Short List] - Sixteen-year-old Sing strives to do well in school so that he can find a decent job and provide a better life for his crippled mother and younger brother, Jacko. That goal becomes derailed when Sing is falsely accused of a crime and sent to a special school for adjudicated delinquents. At first, the new, structured environment allows Sing to excel, but he soon discovers the school's dark side.

Sing suspects an elite group of graduates known as Heralds to be involved in global conspiracy and murder. If true, then who is giving the Heralds their orders and what is their agenda?

As Sing unravels the secrets behind the school, powerful people lure him ever-deeper into their clandestine world of terror.

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tlryder tlryder Dec 16, 2018
Dissection stuff smells so terrible. You've portrayed the stench really well!
tlryder tlryder Dec 16, 2018
And just like that, Sing's lovely dissection time is ruined. :(
AshleyKetchum_ AshleyKetchum_ Sep 04, 2018
Even tho I was a little bit of a wild child in highschool, after going to university it makes me so sad realizing how much knowledge I missed out on in my teen years because I was too busy messing around with my friends. Free, or close to free, education is a gift and privilege!
tlryder tlryder Dec 16, 2018
I love how you've shown Sing's poverty stricken home life and terrible school situation here. All the details make for a vivid picture. Sing's interesting. Very alive and aware, but still with a lot of dreamer in him.
ResaReads ResaReads Dec 13, 2018
Sing's slice of life here is very real and heartbreaking. Great writing!
DELynch43 DELynch43 Sep 27, 2018
Maybe he’ll pass out. It’s the big ones that go down first😉😂