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The king chose my fate (Book 1 of the Fate series)

The king chose my fate (Book 1 of the Fate series)

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Kristina By xokristinaxo13 Completed

Venessa Bruce is forced to live the rest of eternity as a vampire after being turned by a group of cloaked men who she thinks were her masters. She remembers that one of the men were younger and had apologized to her for what the other men had done, but if he tried to stop them then he would have been killed and she would be in the same position. After her transformation she finds that she is now enrolled in a vampire boarding school for the 'less fortunate vampires.' She notices that all the other vampires have marks, but she doesnt. She is also younger then the rest. Her journey really takes off when she has a 'dream' that she is back on the night of her transformation. The cloaked men are discusing what could harm her. After finding out that she is a target for something coming she is very indulged in the idea of finding the man who apologized to her. Along the way she discovers that the head master is not who he apears to be and that he has chosen a fate for her that is more than terrible. She also adopts feelings for two unlikley men, although she doesnt know who to pick. Vanessa must discover what the head master has in store for her, who she will fall in love with, and still keep her life safe. (This is an ongoing series so i'll be adding more when i get the chance! So keep an eye out for updates!!!)

katelilly katelilly May 11, 2015
I was very sceptical when i started reading but first chapter and im hooked :)
ChristiSWilliams ChristiSWilliams Jul 25, 2014
Cool plot I like that it's different not just take the girl beat her up maybe turn her it's like hey guess what human we have a job for you but you can't know about it or anything have fun in your new life