Lost In Pain... || Naruto Fanfic [NWA Winner 2015]

Lost In Pain... || Naruto Fanfic [NWA Winner 2015]

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Ezekiel T. A. By xXAkatsukixLoverXx Updated Feb 05, 2017

Reina Hizō is a young girl hated and despised by everyone in her clan for her strength and power. Reina suffers day after day, bearing all the pain thrown at her. Beatings. Torturous acts. Not only physical pain, but emotional as well. With Reina being neglected and hated upon by her own blood, it puts her into a depressed-like state, feeling that no one is there for her... Until that all changes one day when she is rescued from the horrible life she lived. What will happen in her new daily life? Will it become even worse for Reina or by slight chance, will it get better?  Read to find out.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. All rights belong to their rightful owner. All I own are my OC's: Reina and Atsushi.
[ NWA Winner: 2015]

*: Chapter is under editing

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ReySong ReySong Dec 14, 2017
Great.. my PTSD is gonna flare up for awhile but it's a fan fiction so that's how I'll deal with it :3 (already hate the clan but love the background info you gave omg!).
Yaoi-Yaoi-Anime Yaoi-Yaoi-Anime Apr 22, 2018
I want my hair color blue like Nagisa's from assassination classroom and like Juvia's from Fairy tail
_ShiroHoshi_ _ShiroHoshi_ Feb 12, 2018
They’re definitely horrible when I’m comes to wisdom... look what they did to the poor OC!
goddessgay goddessgay Jan 28, 2018
I tried to hold back, but, WHAT SIX  YEAR OLD FREAKING TALKS LIKE THIS?!?!
Naru_Tail Naru_Tail Aug 05, 2018
This one is like the 814th comment. Idk why but I just increased it by one.
FlockOfRobins FlockOfRobins Jul 27, 2018