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Lost In Pain... || Naruto Fanfic [NWA Winner 2015]

Lost In Pain... || Naruto Fanfic [NWA Winner 2015]

563K Reads 24.5K Votes 73 Part Story
Ezekiel T. A. By xXAkatsukixLoverXx Updated Feb 05

Reina Hizō is a young girl hated and despised by everyone in her clan for her strength and power. Reina suffers day after day, bearing all the pain thrown at her. Beatings. Torturous acts. Not only physical pain, but emotional as well. With Reina being neglected and hated upon by her own blood, it puts her into a depressed-like state, feeling that no one is there for her... Until that all changes one day when she is rescued from the horrible life she lived. What will happen in her new daily life? Will it become even worse for Reina or by slight chance, will it get better?  Read to find out.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. All rights belong to their rightful owner. All I own are my OC's: Reina and Atsushi.
[ NWA Winner: 2015]

*: Chapter is under editing

HatakeLana HatakeLana Mar 28
I'm glad she isn't all 1000/10 it's annoying when the oc is a Sue. You earned my respect author~san
I'm confused, what do you mean by wisdom? emotional wisdom, phisical wisdom, self-awareness, awareness of others, nature awareness, all of the above, or another option?
Lol I thought it said tomatoes🍅 I guess I was wrong😂😂😂
My cooperation is 0😊... I didn't cooperate  on keeping the dog outside the house...😂
When I read this kinds of stuff I realize that if this was really me, all of it would be 0
Elioet Elioet May 04
Doctor: here's your baby. It's a girl.
                              Mom: Look at how cute she is!
                              Dad: Oh no! Her hair is blue!
                              Mom: What, is there something wrong!
                              Dad: Yes *insert dramatic pause* She's the protagonist!