The Foreigner & The Pessimist (malexmale)

The Foreigner & The Pessimist (malexmale)

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***Book 1 of the Soulmates Series***
In the middle of an intergalactic war for freedom and rights, there exists a distant technologically militant planet called Gav'yx, where next to becoming a soldier, finding your soulmate is everything.  So much, that the first thing all Gav'yxians see upon their birth, is the image of their future soulmate on the exact day and in the exact place they're destined to meet them.    

However, on a futuristic earth - now called Uniterra - the idea of finding one's soulmate is a belief held by very few.  Especially when it comes to seventeen-year-old Lane Nishimura, a pessimistic student in the extremely competitive space training program at Unity High, struggling with keeping the secrets of his very mysterious and dark past, his mental health, self-esteem, and slew of trust issues caused by years of failed friendships, bullying, and sub-par romances that's left him all but giving up on the idea of there ever being someone out there destined for him.  

And then along comes Zuuro; a lovestruck alien from the planet Gav'yx, who's long dreamed of the day he'd finally meet Lane, and of getting what would surely be his happily ever after.  However, as he soon discovers, finding romance with Lane is not as easy as he assumed.  Because not only does Lane not know he and Zuuro are destined to be together, but due to almost losing everything in his last breakup, and to what he's sure is just another trick being played on him by his half-brother, Darin, he's extremely reluctant to open himself up and risk getting close to anyone again.  

Will Lane allow love to prevail, or will his mistrust and the secrets of his past doom them before it's even had a chance?  Find out, in The Foreigner & The Pessimist, the first installment in the all new Soulmates series.

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