Lovely Obsession

Lovely Obsession

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It had started with a game of tag. Just one game led to an obsession, a corrupted mind, stalking, murder, and soon, kidnapping.

Aloof and intelligent Blake Pedersen has been stalking Sophie Clark for nine years. He admires her, he loves her, and would do anything to keep her happy. Even if it meant murdering others.

So what happens when he commits a crime that lets Sophie know of him and his crimes? To keep her safe and all to himself: kidnapping.

He will do anything in his power to make sure no one takes her away.

Really good book but now Im scared to leave any windows or doors open...
In the last few chapters it was said that Blake  killed some of her friends but we don't get to know every name so I wonder: Has Blake killed Juliet too? The timing and's kinda suspicious. On the other hand I can't imagine him killing Juliet. I mean he was a child when that happened.
carlingc carlingc Aug 19
*giggles while reading the chapter* but dude gets straight A's even with a full time hobby, so jelly
Wow,I wish I had a stalker :( but meh only people with pretty faces will interest guys hmph
oh my god this story is literally my life my name is sophia when I was little my bestfriends name was Juliet and in kindergarten me and my group of girl friends always chased this group of guys and vice Versa 😂😂😂
If you think about it, at first it's actually kind of cute and innocent until he starts turning psycho......