Deathly Symmetrical (Rewritten)

Deathly Symmetrical (Rewritten)

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KooriAkuma By KooriAkuma Updated Oct 15, 2018

Six years ago, Lord Death collected one of the most dangerous assets he could ever welcome into Shibusen; a small changeling in the arms of a young boy.

When Eevee and Curran are tasked with the mysterious mission known only as the B.D. Case, they are thrown into the dark corners of the past they had sworn to forget when they entered Shibusen. A path Lord Death had promised they would never return to once they pledged their absolute loyalty to the academy in exchange for a home, only to later reveal the sole purpose of their existence at the academy is exactly the path they had given their lives and souls to avoid.

The deathly hush of uncertainty within Shibusen... 

Death the Kid knows there is something important his father is keeping secret from him. Something that involves his lovely Goddess of Symmetry, and the uncultured swine of a weapon the gods had cursed her with. A secret that possibly held captive the answer to the painful stabs in his heart each time he saw the torn expression on Eevee when they crossed paths, and the rage within Curran's soul directed at the Gods of Death. A rage especially directed at the younger God of Death who was after the same heart as he.