Todoroki Shoto Love Story // As Fast As Lightning

Todoroki Shoto Love Story // As Fast As Lightning

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"I specialize on the other parts of my quirk. I can create thunderstorms and run as fast as lightning." I explain thoroughly "If I concentrate hard enough I guess I can use quantum tunnel. It will allow me to-..." 

"You guess?" she interupts raising an eyebrow.

"Well... yeah... I mean, I never really tried it successfully but..." 

Yoshikawa Rin is Denki's cousin. That's right, you heard correctly. They don't share the same last name and no one will ever believe they are related. The only thing they have in common are their golden eyes... And their quirks... Kind of... 

She joins UA High, one of the most prestigious school in Japan and her dream academy. Ever since she can remember she has wanted to follow the footsteps of her parents and become a recognized hero. But, what if her goal changes? What if she begins to despise the hero society? After meeting a certain someone, her ideal world turns upside down. 

¦Credits to KujouKitty49 for making this amazing cover¦

|Some cussing because Bakugou exists|
All character belong to Kohei Horikoshi except for my oc or any other ones I invent. 
Images that I might use belong to their rightful owners.

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