Pretty Isn't Her Name

Pretty Isn't Her Name

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•A Hausa love story•

"Habibti, it's a shame you think your dark complexion can hide the enormous blush forming on your cheeks." He reduced to chuckles.

Janan felt the heat radiating off her cheeks due to the embarrassment.
"S-Shut up! No one calls me that except my father!" She yelled, feeling frustrated he's getting the upper hand.

"Don't worry about that. Banda lokaci (I don't have time). I hope I won't get to see you soon, Habibti." Janan shouted incoherent words at Ammar while he made his exit, enjoying his victory.

Imagine a life in the society where people judge you by your looks, images and appearances.

How you get paid no heed cause of the lack of fairness in your skin or the shape of your body. And because you're... Dark.

Janan Mahfud has had enough of such nonsense as it didn't even concern her-- until the handsome ogre (or so she likes to call him) stepped into her family's house. 

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_Ameenahh _Ameenahh Apr 13
😂😂 I know this is no advertising place but you people should go check my book out
LaLaiq LaLaiq Mar 28
I can offer one...
                              KAMEENA!!!! and like dearest author here, the only explanation is (*insult*)
zeeman0 zeeman0 Mar 29
Chocolatesssssss lets as share we I am a freak when it comes to thatt
ZainaHijabi ZainaHijabi Mar 29
Okay, when u said it was ur first tryout I said I know it would be good and it wasn't. 
                              Actually, it was grt!! What were u thinking when u said that girl? Seriously I'm almost mad at u.
                              Good work. 👍☺
LaLaiq LaLaiq Mar 28
This can't be more true! Heck, people ask my score in exams before they ask my name!
ZainaHijabi ZainaHijabi Mar 29
That's what real friends are for. 😳 Supporting each other.