{KH / Final Fantasy} Already Seen, Already Heard, Already Forgotten

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Giltine Grimm By xSimplyElementaryx Updated a year ago
You're back again on another adeventure. After two years away, you are on vacation to Twilight Town (now known as the Radiant Gardens), but looks like you have to start all over again. No one remembers you. It was what you wanted, but what happens when trouble arises and all that can save your friends is the trust that they no longer have for you? {WARNING: Bad Lingo, Very Suggestive Situations, Drama, Horrible Pairings that Nobody Likes, Very Gory Scenes, Maybe a Little BoyxBoy if the mood strikes me. If you think I was pushing the envelope before, you're not gonna like me much this time around.}
mind to tell me, the name of song on your info page it's quiet hard to find it...
@Chaosmancer it's alright, I'm reading the reboot and waiting with this for now. Thanks though :3
Do you have any suggestions for movies and games? Most horror games just use jump scares. It just uses freaky faced characters to consider it scary. I really hate them... It would be nice to go back to the classics of horror.
im such a dum dum and slow. 
                                    this story is a sequel to which story of yours?
XD oh, well I'm already reading Lament of the Shinigami. But the version of it that up now, isn't complete yet, right? So should I wait with reading this one?
If you don't mind me asking, where can I find the first one? I've looked around but I can't find it. I saw one comment somewhere here that said it was called "heroes of the new age" but I can't find a story that matches the name... Sorry for bothering you...