Keep Me Warm. - Larry Stylinson One Shot

Keep Me Warm. - Larry Stylinson One Shot

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Amalia !! [INACTIVE] By larryaresoulmates Completed

❝"Im so clumsy." He blushes and looks down. The man laughs too.

"I said it's ok." There's a moment of silence. None of them want to just go, so the boy takes the lead and introduces himself. "Im Harry, Harry Styles." He smiles.

"Louis, Louis Tomlinson." They shake hands.❞


This story is completely mine. Don't translate or publish here or in another website without my permission.

Note: This is a 4 parts One Shot and it contains smut.

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gaylordcalum gaylordcalum Jul 31, 2016
hazzalouyear hazzalouyear Jul 02, 2016
Oh god Harry always being so nice like he could literally murder someone and apologize
CurlyNerdyCrazyGirl CurlyNerdyCrazyGirl May 13, 2016
Well I'm not straight, and I still didn't come out to my family.. So when people ask me I am straight... I would say " I am in fact straight"- Louis Tomlinson...
                              "But note the sarcasm".. I'm bi
rahastylinson rahastylinson Oct 02, 2016
This was the first fanfic I read and still the best one. And after this I went and searched for the proofs and joined the larries family :) I still come back here and re-read it sometimes
caitlinships caitlinships Dec 13, 2016
all I can imagine when it says "LOUIS tilts his head" is just a loud cracking noise
larrylov3 larrylov3 Nov 29, 2016
use the sleeves of my sweater, let's have an adventure. head in the clouds but my gravity's centered touch my neck and i'll touch yours