Break | h.s.

Break | h.s.

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Shortly after her parents divorce Faye Blume is forced to move to England where she meets new people, including a boy named harry whom she cannot stand. She ends up hating him so much she doesn't notice she's falling for him. She doesn't even notice that he too is a lost, fragile soul in need of true love.

"It's great! I love it! This book is amazing!" -crashtaylor

"I absolutely love the way you write! This chapter was amazing! Update sooooooonnn ^.^" - Zaynsproperty

"I have to admit you the most amazing writer I have ever seen.....obviously I cried on this chapter" -ilovemynam

"You are such a great writer omg I love you and your books. I've cried on every chapter towards the end.No scratch that, I've 
sobbed haha." -CatDealy1975

All your comments and opinions mean a lot to me. Thank you :) ❤️

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imertastic imertastic Jul 12, 2017
true my momma white and she would've beaten me and kept me in the dàmn freezer
noshstylesxx noshstylesxx Sep 07, 2017
if I ever said this to my mum she'd bîtch slap me to the moon
noshstylesxx noshstylesxx Sep 07, 2017
that's my baby
                              that works in a bakery 
                              - omg that rhymed. well kinda
noshstylesxx noshstylesxx Sep 07, 2017
as previously said if I said this I'd get bîtch slapped to the moon
Jassm1ne Jassm1ne Sep 09, 2017
My family doesn't care for me 
                              I just exist fir them but I am little devil
harry_is_daddy_ harry_is_daddy_ May 06, 2017
Instead of my mom doing it I'll just put myself in a mango box and ship myself back to Afghanistan 😂😂