Break | h.s.

Break | h.s.

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Shortly after her parents divorce Faye Blume is forced to move to England where she meets new people, including a boy named harry whom she cannot stand. She ends up hating him so much she doesn't notice she's falling for him. She doesn't even notice that he too is a lost, fragile soul in need of true love.

"It's great! I love it! This book is amazing!" -crashtaylor

"I absolutely love the way you write! This chapter was amazing! Update sooooooonnn ^.^" - Zaynsproperty

"I have to admit you the most amazing writer I have ever seen.....obviously I cried on this chapter" -ilovemynam

"You are such a great writer omg I love you and your books. I've cried on every chapter towards the end.No scratch that, I've 
sobbed haha." -CatDealy1975

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imertastic imertastic Jul 12
true my momma white and she would've beaten me and kept me in the dàmn freezer
Instead of my mom doing it I'll just put myself in a mango box and ship myself back to Afghanistan 😂😂
issahazzy issahazzy Aug 13, 2016
my mom is black af and if I ever said the "I... MY AŚS WOULD BE FÜCKED UP
MarthaStyles1994 MarthaStyles1994 Jun 19, 2016
You should never say you hate your mother if you have one and others may not have....
miamfiction1999 miamfiction1999 Aug 10, 2016
Hey ya know I've been thought the exact same thing at 11 but it was worst I had a step brother of 6 months so yeah i don't think it'll ruin his life he's gonna come up to
Your parents are getting can lose them in a heartbeat....I lost mine last year...careful what you say.