My Crazy Lover {Completed}

My Crazy Lover {Completed}

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"Give me a reason as to why I shouldn't fuck you until you turn insane like me."


A young girl going by the name of Eliana Winchester has been working with her mother in a Mental Asylum for the past couple of years to help her keep their house. 

She has basically seen every single patient and knows every condition that there is by the way that they act towards people around them. 

However, when a new patient by the name of Lucifer A. Kingsley comes into the asylum, her first impression of him causes her to be terrified out of her mind. She had never met someone like him in her life. 

But as magic made its way through, every single time they met, Eliana soon found herself falling for him. She can't help the feeling that she gets when he touches her. It makes her feel as if there's a raging fire burning up inside of her. 

Find out what happens through all the twists and turns in their relationship. Will they ever be caught? Well you'll just have to read to find out.

This book contains sexual and mature content including signs of abuse including rape so if you're sensitive at the topic please don't read this book.

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I’m having mixed emotions about this. Should I be offended?
You make me want to have sex with you and run from you at the same time.
I don’t know what to think about him. I know he’s psycho but this whole thing is giving me mixed signals. One minutes he’s sexy as hell then the next he’s creepy then downright scary.
Ohashi_Chan Ohashi_Chan Jan 04
And THAT is my quew to leave alright see ya! *Sprints out the door*
ivonna360 ivonna360 Jan 05
My bsf and I was talking about baby names I chose Kingsley and she chose Lucifer
Ohashi_Chan Ohashi_Chan Jan 04
That's like giving someone a big red button and telling them not to push it... It's going to get pushed