Heavenly Poison

Heavenly Poison

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Olga Guevara By xXdemolitionloverXx Completed

Damien and Sebastian are both Legens— a supernatural creature which only a select few know that even exists. After getting kicked out of their homes at a young age, and being considered “freaks” by their parents, Damien and Sebastian make it their business to find adventure and live life to the fullest. 

Despite the hate they carry towards Werewolves, they end up settling into a territory that is flooded with them. While Sebastian is trying to keep control of the order they had before and Damien is fighting the strange feelings he has for the Alpha’s daughter— they both get involved in the biggest Werewolf Pack battle the US has seen in centuries. In the end, who will win?

Includes appearances from Blue Bloods, New Elite, Midnight Moon, Locus, and Imperial Pack.

I hope they get to meet the girl Legen. It's been a little since I read the last book and I forgot her name
The comments  😑😑😑 why tf you spoiling 😑😑😑😑
                              idk why it made me laugh so much
I want them to see Cassidy in the sky flying for some reason. I think it would be an exciting scene
MamaNature MamaNature Mar 18
I just thought if I had that power I could say “Never fear, rainbow man is here!"      :')
JaredJaxon1 JaredJaxon1 Nov 21, 2016
Wait so is there suppose to be 5 legens....cause damon is rain seb is lighting cass is thunder and india has god know what then the other one can have the last one?